Earn College Credit and Develop Your Christian Worldview Through Oxford Style Tutorials (Online & Live)

Maximize the Strengths of Home Education with the Oxford Tutorial System

Looking for a Rich, Unique Learning Experience?

If it is challenging to find those learning opportunities that stretch and equip your motivated high schooler or capture their interests while also providing individualized instruction, then the Oxford tutorial is what you are looking for.

The tutorial system goes beyond purchasing and trying to find that "just right" curriculum and then use it with little oversight. The tutorial is the ultimate educational coaching that you will ever find for your student. 

On top of that, at Trinity House Tutorials, we want to engage students not only at the academic level, but want them to see how their reason for learning grows up from the knowledge of and relationship to the Triune God. We want to relationally pass along a Christian worldview in the context of rigorous, joyful learning.

The Oxford Model

Trinity House Tutorials models its instruction on the tutorial system at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, which cultivate in students independent inquiry and critical thinking in various fields of study. In this system of education, C.S. Lewis and other notable thinkers developed their capacities for brilliant, accessible argument and writing.

Upcoming Tutorials

We are in the process of developing several courses that will develop students' capacities to be independent learners and that prepare them to take CLEP and AP exams to earn college credit. Here are some of the courses that we plan to rollout:

  • Western Civilization I: Ancient World to 1648 (CLEP)
  • Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present (CLEP)
  • American History I: 1400s-1877 (CLEP)
  • American History II: 1850s-Present (CLEP)
  • AP American History (Advanced Placement)
  • AP Modern European History (Advanced Placement)

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Oxford tutors draw upon their expertise and curate the resources of a world renowned university to coach their students as developing scholars. Through weekly tutorial meetings, tutors help students to develop their skills, such as writing and careful reading, and build their intellectual frameworks. With all of resources of the university at their hands, the student builds their discernment and reasoning as they engage in analytical reading and cogent writing during the week based on questions given by their tutor. Then in tutorials, they discuss their ideas and views with the tutor, usually laid out in an essay. 

The tutor works as an academic coach, who guides and challenges the student to excel in their work, and the student becomes independent, life-long learner, that is, a scholar. It is rigorous and relational. It is a fantastic context for developing and enriching one's Christian understanding of various subjects as well as the fundamental worldview categories.


Why the Oxford Tutorial Model

The Oxford model is particularly suited for home education. The Oxford goal of creating an independent scholar who is passionate about learning is at the heart of great home education. With the vast resources of the internet, students with the guidance of their tutor now have access to books and lectures by world class scholars in a way that even surpasses what previous Oxford students would have enjoyed. Today, it is possible for students to experience Oxford from their home. Parents can now provide their high school student with an unique learning experience that will form a students learning habits and capacities that will magnify in college and professional work as well as enrich their spiritual life.